Discover BVH Publishing LLC

BVH Publishing, LLC is the parent company to new BVH Brands and
BVH Products being introduced into the market place. The Mission Statement is: To introduce high quality alternatives to underserved markets.  The focus is to find, develop, tweak and market the products that consumers really want, instead of the products they settle for every day.

Who are the founders?

Vicki and Robert Hengen of Gilbert, Arizona

Vicki and Robert Hengen, Gilbert, Arizona

Vicki and Robert have been involved with product sales, customer service and support in the technology market for 26 years.  They are well respected in the community and have numerous awards. They recently received the Gilbert Business Hall of Fame Award for consecutive years of customer service and satisfaction.

What Will BVH Publishing Accomplish?

To quote Vicki,”We all pretty much sell the same branded products. Our differentiator is that we provide superior customer service. But what happens when the branded products fall short of expectations?  That’s were BVH Pet Care and BVH Pet Care Products come in.”

BVH Products will fill the void.



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